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My mission is to help foster human development and understanding by developing programs, creating arenas for exchange and providing training for individuals, teams and companies. 


I believe that leadership and team development in todays workforce are key successfactors to achieve this mission. 

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My Story

My name is Nora. My journey through life so far has taught me some basic values that I set high: all human beings have potential and an innate value to bring to the world. And most of all, also me, myself and I. But this was not always the case.


Growing up as I did, with two cultures and native languages that were very different from each other had its challenges. Even when there were the beginnings of an idea about myself and my future—and even though I had already experienced some bullying while growing up - I pushed through all these obstacles: finishing school and my A-levels; going on to study at university while getting married and having 4 wonderful children (yes four!). My background has given me resilience which helped me through my personal journey. Despite many challenges and also successes, I always had a thirst for learning, for exploring the “why” in everything. 

I became a member of a leadership development organization for young people (JCI) which has literally given me the wings I didn’t know I had. I was catapulted on a trajectory I haven’t even dreamed of. I started to explore and use my skills as a trainer and coach. I got challenged with leadership positions in projects and organizations, and with my newfound voice and confidence I said yes to every opportunity.


I got deeply and passionately interested and invested in learning about human behavior and personality, tools that are used commonly in leadership training. I got certified in programs and trained teams in organizations and used the knowledge on my own journey. 

Being naturally introverted, this wasn’t always easy. With my personal development, confidence and success, came also opposition and conflict that threatened well established relations. I ended up in a downward cycle for years of depression, low energy and the feeling of not being able to breathe, all which in addition had negative effects on my children and resulted in a divorce. Even with all my knowledge on personality and human behavior, I couldn’t snap out of the cycle. I found my blindspot(s).  

When I hit rock bottom, I decided it was enough and that I needed to reached out for help. I decided to take my life back. I sought new challenges and changed my job. I re-engaged in self-studies. I challenged myself further and decided to go back to my passion: training and coaching. Helping people to fulfill their potential. 

I believe that we can all agree on one thing: no matter what team or relation you have in your life, it's important. It may be family; friends - and your coworkers! The most crucial ties are those which bind us together as human beings and help guide our decisions throughout the day.

I have experienced personally, that sometimes we don’t see the obvious that is right in front of us. And you need to find the courage to ask for help. We are social beings, we thrive together, and we find happiness when we help one another. I sought and found help with various coaches that helped me through the worst times.

With this knowledge and experience, I wish to give back and help others; individuals, teams, leaders. One of the key factors is to make our daily work more enjoyable and filled with purpose. After all, we spend 1/3 of our lives at work. That's 90,000 hours over the course of a lifetime. We all deserve to work in a workplace that appreciates us, develops and supports up. 

Today, I am proud to be leading a department that organizes middle management and leaders to provide them with leadership development training. Also, I continue to follow my passion and hold training and coaching, and help individuals and organizations within the field that is closest to my heart: teams and team building.

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